Attendance Monitoring Intelligent Classroom



Now-a-days intelligent automation has stepped its presence in every field all over the world. Our project has a stepping in the attendance and power management of the classrooms in the colleges/schools. The use of low cost technologies for highly reliable applications with the help of newly innovated algorithms makes the automation process to reach the consumers at cheaper and reliable cost. Thereby in our project proximity sensors are used to maintain the attendance and power management. The safety of the power management is increased by utilizing power driver switching. The class room unit displays the strength of the class room and also control the lights should not be switched on without anyone in the class room. A master controller displays all the class rooms status and saves it in database.

Advantage of these Systems:

1) Automation of class room with power saving management
2) Total strength of the class room is displayed in lcd
3) Less cost to automate
4) Less power to automate
5) Increase Safety
6) Easy and fast identification system



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