Company Information Tracking System


CITS is a powerful human resource tool for maintaining employee and company information. More than a data storage program, CITS helps you manage your employees. CITS offers a wide variety of Reports that give you exactly the information you need. View payroll information by department, or find everyone who is receiving company Benefits. CITS gives you the power of information with different report categories. CITS allows you to add and remove employees from the program and provides access to all employee information categories from Address History to Work Information. Organization files keep track of your company information.

From this screen you can create, modify, and Remove company data. You can adjust data for company benefits, departments, evaluation categories, and Positions. It is a good idea to define your departments and positions before adding employees. You must also set up your company benefits and evaluations before adding them to your employee files. When you create a new category such as an Additional department or position, it is immediately available for selection in every applicable employee screen. Checklists assist you in office management by creating a list of items that need to be completed for a particular event. For example, you may want to make a checklist of everything that needs to be done when someone is hired.

Proposed System

The proposed system is designed to eliminate all the drawbacks of the existing system. The system is part of a large HRMS Application and shall be responsible for maintaining information about employees,

  • positions,
  • company benefits,
  • departments,
  • new recruit checklists,
  • employee achievements,
  • warnings,
  • evaluation reports,
  • education & training,
  • administration,
  • work changes and several ad hoc reports.


•  Admin Module

•  Employee Module •  Credit Card Creation •  Loan Module

Hardware Specification

  • Processor : Pentium III
  • Speed - 1.1 Ghz
  • RAM - 256 MB(min)
  • Hard Disk - 20 GB
  • Floppy Drive - 1.44 MB
  • Key Board - Standard Windows Keyboard
  • Mouse - Two or Three Button Mouse
  • Monitor - SVGA

Software Specification


  • OPERATING SYSTEM : Windows 2000.

  • Technology : Java Server Pages (JSP)


  • Web Server : Tomcat 6.0


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