Online Carrier Guidance and Placement Unit


This project is aimed at developing a web-based and central recruitment Process system for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system will be creating vacancies, storing application data, and Interview process initiation, Scheduling interviews, storing Interview results for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant. Reports may be required to be generated for the use of the HR group.

This project 'Online Carrier Guidance and Placement Unit' is an online website in which jobseekers can register themselves and then attend the exam. Based on the outcome of the exam the jobseekers will be short listed. For fresher, the exam will be conducted at some venue after short listing of the preliminary Aptitude Test. The details of the examination, venue & Date of the examination will be made available to them through the website

Software Requirements:

  • PHP
  • Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 60 GB Hard Disk





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