Inventory Management System


The project entitled "INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM developed in Visual Basic 6.0 as front -end and Oracle as back-end is running on Windows 2000.
Computers are playing an important role in the world today and their importance is Increasing day by day. It is speed and accuracy that help to reach the golden heights.

Large organizations require large complex system to retrieve and update information. The need is no less serve for medium small business. The only difference between the two is the magnitude of the problems. Computerization has much to do in this. Here we are substituting human hands with computers.
Based on the minimum inputs, we come out with a system that is able to satisfy the entire needs of the firm The software accepts minimum inputs and gets maximum outputs.

Introduction of such a computerized system ensures that following.

1.Data security.
2.Minimize Malpractice.
3.Reduces Manual Labour.
4.Keep Accuracy in Calculations.
5.Keep data in an easily accessible manner.






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