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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Currently, Movie Club CD store’s all business work processes are done manually. So our projects main aim is to automate all business process are done composed system. By providing simple, user-friendly and easy accessible system for Movie Club’s work environment.

1. To increase efficiency of Movie Club.

2. To build a system this has easier database and front-end compatibility.

3. To reduce data redundancy.

4. To increase the performance and reduce the process time.

The system manages the following tasks within the store:

1. To create and maintain master record of:

- Product (CD, DVD etc.) Details.

- Inventories Details.

- Customers (Rental and Membership Customers Personal and Order History) Details.

2. To create and maintain Transactional records of:

- Bills / Invoices.

- Inventory of products.

3. To generate reports on:

- Sales.

- Scheme expiry.

- Customer status.

- Delay Return.

- Customers, Products Entries and Order History.

Improvement to system can be defined as “changes that result in incremental yet worthwhile benefits”. The system tries to evolve many possibilities for improvement including:

• Speed up the process.

• Streamline the process through the elimination of unnecessary or duplicated record.

• Combine processes.

• Reduce errors in input through changes of forms and display screens.

• Reduce redundant storage.

• Reduce redundant output.

• Improve Integration of System and Subsystems.

• Security of Crucial Information.

• Efficient data retrieval and updation.

• More Accuracy.

Scope of Project

The Scope of the new System is the most important requirement of any new system. The scope of the system defines which functions will be included in the System.A scope of project is developed by creating a narrative description after communication with client and its environment. Scope of project determines the exact communication with client and its environment. Scope of project determines the exact goal for developer of system.

Scope of project helps to decides destination and constraints for proposed system. After communication with movie clubs officials/clients we include following tasks for proposed system:

- Creation membership account with schemes, for new member.

- Maintain separate records for rental customer.

- Maintain separate record for available stock goods. (CD, DVD, Accessories etc.)

- Maintain separate record for rental customer.

- Bill payment for rental customer.

- Bill payment for sold products/or good.

- Maintain record for CD, DVD etc. title, company, and category wise.

- View for customer details and stock detail with query.

- Quick response to queries made by admin.

- Automatically producing report.

- Keeps the track of all CD, DVD and ACCESSORIES in detail.

- Keeps the track of all customers.

- Automatically calculation is done.


Splash Screen, Login, Main Screen, Member Entry Form, Product Entry Form, Quick Update, Renewal Form, Sale Form, Member Order Form, Member Return Form, Rental Order Form, Return Rental, Search/View, Category Search, etc.

Hardware Specifications

Processor: Preferably 3.0 GHz or Greater.

RAM : 1 GB or Greater.

Software Specifications


• NetBeans

• MS Access

Limitations of the Software:

This project was developed to fulfill user requirement; however there are lots of scope to improve the performance of the Movie Club in the area of user interface, database performance, and query processing time. Etc.

Future Enhancements:

• Linking and integration with other legacy system for accounting.

• Web interface for easy to use

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