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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The goal of this project is to design a portal for managing the access to several databases on a grid through a single sign-on facility. The user, typically a scientist interested in computations that depends on data from several data sources, will access this database from a web browser. The system should use grid computing standards to fetch data from the different data sources.

The portal should be able to support multiple users, including an administrator, who can add or remove new data sources. Each user will have associated privileges that determine the set of data sources that are accessible to that user.

Data Grids are being built across the world as the next generation data handling systems to manage tera-bytes of inter organizational data and storage space. A data grid (datagrid) is a logical name space consisting of storage resources and digital entities that is created by the cooperation of autonomous organizations and its users based on the coordination of local and global policies.

Data Grid Management Systems (DGMSs) provide services for the confluence of organizations and management of inter-organizational data and resources in the datagrid.

The objective of the portal is to provide an introduction to the opportunities and challenges of this emerging technology. Novices and experts would benefit from this portal

The portal would cover introduction, use cases, design philosophies, architecture, research issues, existing technologies and demonstrations. Hands on sessions for the participants to use and feel the existing technologies could be provided based on the availability of internet connections.

Currently, Grid Computing is applied to solve distributed, large-scale, and collaborative problems in many domains such as: High Energy Physics, Bio-Informatics, Virtual Observation, Environmental Science, etc. Weather forecasting is also such a domain where Grid Computing's advantages would show the best.

Hardware Requirements :

Intel Pentium : 600 MHz or above.


Hard Disc : 60 GB or above

Software Requirements :

Web Technologies : ASP.Net2.0

Languages : C#.Net, ASP.Net

Database : SQL SERVER 2005

Operating System : Windows XP/2003

Web Server : IIS5.1

Scripting : JavaScript

GUI Tools : VS.Net2005

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