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Published on Sep 03, 2023


E-Buy is an exclusive portal developed to ease the Shopping and Shipping across the net. This site contains Product Catalog , which defines any number of product catalogs in your web store. And creates an unlimited number of "parent-child" levels in each product catalog.

The Features which involved in this:

Assign product items to several directories within a directory structure or across directory structures to help promote sales of products.

Product option groups allow you to assign a unique set of options to any product.

A sophisticated shopping cart system allows your visitors to easily add, delete, and change products in their shopping cart. A "mini" cart lets customers keep track of their order with a shopping cart summary on every product catalog page

An organized checkout process takes your customers through the checkout

Process with ease:-.

Source code included so that you can add your preferred credit card

Processing provider. Supports flat rate shipping prices based on order total. Supports real-time UPS shipping / rates include generic templates for new user account/ user account updates confirmations, etc.

Once the user enters this portal as an Administrator he can make change the entire look and feel according to his views. He can launch a new Product Catalog and include his products with the entire description, rates and upload the images regarding each product.

He can make his own business through this portal, he can increase the market by changing the images regularly and make the site beautiful and attract the customer customers. Once the customer is pleased with the product he is provided with a shopping cart and ships the products accordingly.

The administrator has privileges to the user's login and their accessibility to the site and the site has been developed by considerations to up comings of the project in future enhancements


Processor Pentium-IV Intel 80486

Clock speed 800 MHZ or above

Ram 256MB Ram or above


FDD 1.44 MB


Operating System Windows'2000 or XP

Language VB.Net

Data Base Sql Server 2005

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