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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Dynamic Intranet plays a typical role and acts like a link between Units of an Organization usually a corporate company.

The main objective of "E2M Conference" is to introduce computerized system in a widely spread organization which can be used as a resource for private network, in order to fulfill the basic needs of an Organization like Information sharing, Communication, Document Viewing as well as sharing.

This also helps to provide an easy and fast interface for the employees of an Organization to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently.

By providing this entirely private network the information regarding the Organization can be fetched from any corner of the world in a highly secured manner

Proposed System:

Advantages : Computerizing of an organization whose branches are situated at different locations and connecting them through Intranet. This provides easy accessing of shared data and provides communication channel between employees

Reliability: The project performs intended function with required precision; hence this project is very reliable.

Feasibility: The project maintenance is very easy and modifications can be made in the existing system in future. The project can interconnect to other groups within the organization and also to all other branches under integrated network.


The application comprises the following modules.

• Manager

• Employee



PC with 40 GB hard-disk

and 512 MB RAM


OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista

Database MS-SQL server 2005

Technologies ASP.NET with C#.NET

IDE Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008

Browser IE

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