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Published on Sep 03, 2023


This project is aimed at developing a web based Leave Management Tool, which is of importance to either an organization or a college.

The Easy Leave is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used to automate the workflow of leave applications and their approvals.

The periodic crediting of leave is also automated. There are features like notifications, cancellation of leave, automatic approval of leave, report generators etc in this Tool.

Functional components of the project:

There are registered people in the system. Some are approvers. An approver can also be a requestor. In an organization, the hierarchy could be Engineers/Managers/Business Managers/Managing Director etc. In a college, it could be Lecturer/Professor/Head of the Department/Dean/Principal etc.

Following is a list of functionalities of the system:

  1. A person should be able to login to the system through the first page of the application
  2. change the password after logging into the system
  3. see his/her eligibility details (like how many days of leave he/she is eligible for etc)
  4. query the leave balance
  5. see his/her leave history since the time he/she joined the company/college
  6. apply for leave, specifying the from and to dates, reason for taking leave, address for communication while on leave and his/her superior's email id
  7. see his/her current leave applications and the leave applications that are submitted to him/her for approval or cancellation
  8. approve/reject the leave applications that are submitted to him/her
  9. withdraw his/her leave application (which has not been approved yet)
  10. Cancel his/her leave (which has been already approved). This will need to be approved by his/her Superior
  11. get help about the leave system on how to use the different features of the system

As soon as a leave application /cancellation request /withdrawal /approval /rejection /password-change is made by the person, an automatic email should be sent to the person and his superior giving details about the action

The number of days of leave (as per the assumed leave policy) should be automatically credited to everybody and a notification regarding the same be sent to them automatically

An automatic leave-approval facility for leave applications which are older than 2 weeks should be there. Notification about the automatic leave approval should be sent to the person as well as his superior


PC with 40 GB hard-disk

and 512 MB RAM


Windows 2000/ XP/ or Higher with MS-office

MS-SQL server2000/2005

Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008

Ms-Internet Explorer

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