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Published on Sep 03, 2023


A text editor ,in general, is a type of program used to edit plain text files. Text editors are often provided with operating systems or systems of software development packages , and can be used to configure files and programming Language source code. Various text editors are available in the market , e.g., vi editor and Emacs editor in UNIX , Simple Text and TextEdit editors in Macintosh , Notepad in Microsoft Windows , and so on.

A text editor can be Graphical User Interface (GUI) based or Character User Interface (CUI) based. A GUI based application is always preferred over a CUI based one since we have to click with the help of mouse on the icons of readymade commands instead of typing them.

Notepad is the most common text editor used by almost all computer literate people . It is used to create simple documents . It saves files in plain text format (ANCI text) and supports only a few formatting options .

It is used to view or edit text files (files having the extension .txt). Users find Notepad an idea tool for creating Web pages . Though Notepad is one of the few tools that have been a part of the Windows operating system since the beginning , it has not evolved much since its initial release . Undoubtedly , Notepad is simple to use , but still lacks many features and enhancements.

Some obvious disadvantages , which are known to everyone at the same time as a text editor like Notepad , are as follows :

• We cannot open or edit multiple text files at the same time as a text editor in general does not support multiple documents interfaces .

• Bulleted text cannot be inserted in text files.

• Notepad supports just two colors - Black and White (black as the text color and white in the background) .

• We cannot take Print Preview of a document .

• We cannot view text with left , right , and center alignments simultaneously.

• The user has to go to the options in the various menus to any command since toolbars with shortcut commands are not available .

To overcome these and other disadvantages , we will try to develop a better application that will not only be as simple to use as Notepad , but also offer additional features and enhancements that were left out of the original Notepad .

In this project , we create a text editor that shares many features with Windows Notepad.However , in contrast to the common Notepad , the text editor allows the users to open multiple windows in the same application . With this text editor , users will be to create and edit simple text documents or documents with complex formatting ; and change font color , background color , and use bulleted text . Users can also use the shortcut commands from user-friendly toolbars , along with many other options . This project is a Windows based application developed in the VB.NET environment


Processor : Pentium P4

RAM : 64MB to 256MB

Hard Disk space : 2GB and more

Key Board : 104 keys


Front End: Visual studio 2005

Back End : Operating System

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