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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The normal scenario in today's industry is whenever a programmer or a developer writes a new query; they have to submit the query to the DBA of the company for tuning it. Even DBA was not able to tune the query to the fullest and even if it has been tuned it would take lots of time and resources of the DBA's. During the crunch time it is not possible to tune each and every query. The DBA's has to rely on his experience to do the tuning

As there are no set rules for tuning it. Sometimes even the experienced DBA was not able to tune the query.

Why SQL Tuner?

This topic was chosen to reduce the work of DBA's of tuning the query. This tool can be used even by the developer to tune the queries instead of going to the DBA for tuning it.

Project Scope:

This project is developed for tuning SQL Queries. Tuning can be done by reducing the total CPU time and also reducing the I/O taken by the Query.

Tuning is done in two ways:

Syntax Tuning :

Checking the logical and physical operators used by the query.

Index Tuning :

Checking the indexes used in the query (if any) and which indexes can be applied to the columns used in the query.


User types its queries in the interface provided by the software. The user has two choices either of tuning or executing the query. If tuning is been selected the software just gives the suggestions for improving the performance of the query. If executing is been selected the software just execute the query. Other than this it provides almost all the facilities provided by the Query Analyzer of MS SQL

Performance tuning is an important part of today's database applications. Very often, large savings in both time and money can be achieved with proper performance tuning. The beauty of performance tuning is that, in many cases, a small change to an index or a SQL query can result in a far more efficient application .

Query optimization is an important skill for SQL developers and database administrators (DBAs). In order to improve the performance of SQL queries, developers and DBAs need to understand the query optimizer and the techniques it uses to select an access path and prepare a query execution plan. Query tuning involves knowledge of techniques such as cost-based and heuristic-based optimizers, plus the tools an SQL platform provides for explaining a query execution plan.

Main Objective of SQL Tuner is to analyze the query provided by the user and suggest them the ways by which they can optimize the query for performance.

SQL Tuner is a tool principally made for DBA's and to minimize their work load, developers can also use them to prepare the optimized

Hardware Requirements :

Intel P4 1.5GHz or above


80GB HDD Minimum

Software Requirements :





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