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Published on Aug 21, 2023

Alarm Annunciator with Real Time Event Recorder


This project Alarm annunciator with real time event recorder is being done in view of the existing system, which is being carried out through manual means. By implementing this annunciator system, we get LED as well as LCD indication in the occurrence of a fault. The annunciator system is interfacing to the PC through the serial port so that we get real time events as file. This file can be printed if required. Thus, this annunciator unit pro­vides a means for subsequent fault analyses, which means that corrective measures can be carried out without delay and full control of the process can be maintained.


The annunciator unit provides immediate fault recognition, fault identification and visual and audible alarm in an abnormal pro­cess situation. This annunciator unit has been developed to meet the most demanding specifications regarding reliability in operation and immunity against interference. This can be expected from this modern annunciator system for use in:

Electric power plants and substations

Industrial plants and processes

Marine vessels and offshore installations

Technical installations in buildings

Water treatment plants

Pharmaceutical, paper and pulp, food processing and packaging industry

Gas distribution, mass transportation, weapons manufacturing, automotive vehicle and parts manufacturing units

Any application where on/off signals are to be supervised.

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