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Published on Aug 21, 2023

Microcontroller - based electronic Locking system module


The need for advanced security in Banks, Hospitals, Business centers and other High security buildings has grown increasingly more challenging and demanding during the last few years posing many unanswered questions before the lawmakers and officials. Many new types of Security threats are more immediate than before, increasing the risk of a serious security breach and exposing the security systems to risk of dangerous liability problems .

Based on the problems and challenges in the field of security, Amrita Research Labs started research work to provide a complete solution to overcome all the security threats by designing an access control system.

Access Control Systems provide the ability to monitor and restrict movement of people during and after working hours .Unrestricted access into various areas within the facility enhances the risk of a potential breach, which could result in loss of property or data, injury to the personnel, arson or sabotage. Access Control Systems must be implemented in multiple levels starting from the main entrance to the facility

a.) The System should ideally get enhanced to include critical areas within the premises

b.) The level of security achieved would depend on the technology and on the design of the system.

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