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Published on Aug 21, 2023

RTOS (VX Works) Based Control And Safety Monitoring


In this project we're trying to develop a control and safety monitoring system for a Nuclear Power Plant using RTOS. For that purpose we're using the simulator version of VxWorks-Tornado Prototyper which is included with VxSim.

VxSim is a port of VxWorks to the various host architectures. It provides a simulated target for use as a prototyping and test-bed environment. In most regards, its capabilities are identical to a true VxWorks system running on target hardware. Users can link in applications and rebuild the VxWorks image exactly as they do in any VxWorks crossdevelopment using a standard BSP.

The difference between VxSim and the VxWorks target environment is that in VxSim the image is executed on the host machine itself as a host process. There is no emulation of instructions, because the code is for the host's own architecture. A communication mechanism is provided to allow VxSim to obtain an IP address and communicate with the Tornado tools on the host (or with other nodes on the network) using the VxWorks networking tools.

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