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Published on Sep 03, 2023


In this project we are going to study in depth about Direct Selling Concept in Retail regarding how the sell is made, what sorts of customers prefer to buy the direct seling services and products, what products are available to be purchased, who the people are there to provide the services and what challenges they face in making customers, their rewards for the same and eventually limitations of the project and findings, recommendations and suggestions for the project.

The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) is a self-regulatory and promoting body for the direct selling industry in India. The Association pursues three key objectives:

1) Protect and promote interests of the direct selling industry and its consumers.
2) Support and safeguard the character and status of the direct selling industry.
3) Assist and guide in maintaining qualitative standards in the Indian direct selling industry.

IDSA is the Indian counterpart of the Washington-based World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), which regulates, strengthens and promotes direct selling in over 58 countries. Direct selling is the marketing of products or services to consumers through sales tactics including presentations, demonstrations, and phone calls. It is sometimes also considered to be a sale that does not utilize a "middle man" such as a retail outlets, distributors or brokers. This is needed where the products value needs more explanation and cannot be purchased off the shelf. At its best, direct selling can be an opportunity for individuals to find fulfillment, express their entrepreneurial talents and gain financial independence. Direct selling involves people and is a part of direct marketing which additionally involves the use of media, print which is handled by the business.

Objectives of the Study

To determine a competitive analysis based on the customer convenience to purchase any product at door.

Finding what the customer’s perception about Direct Selling products and Direct Selling Agents.

Study of current consumer’s response to Direct Selling products and Direct Selling Agents.

Finding for positive response to Direct selling though Convenient Approach of Customers.

The scope of project was limited to find out companies’ prospects and consumers responses to Direct Selling Product and Companies. The Cause of it is other fake Direct Selling Agents of other like it is said that Delhi-made products and Chinese products. Owing to this Customers do not believe to what Real Direct Selling Agent want to convince and sell.

The Direct Selling Companies give very less Advertisement to sell the product and that is the cause it is not believed by customers. If companies give effective and attractive advertisement on Television or newspaper, its sell will be increasing. Direct Selling Agent find it difficult to survive in this competitive consumer world to sell the product owing to low response of customers, so they are also in huge amount of attrition. They should be given more incentives and effective Identity to introduce to consumers. In India people give more importance to Products Company than its monetary value so they buy any product from any trusted company and shop. So it can be a reason to minimum scope to the Direct Selling Companies.

Measuring Success in Direct Selling

When considering an opportunity, it’s natural to want to know how successful you’re likely to be. It’s also important to understand that the answer can’t be found by looking at the number of people who earn “big bucks.” There are certainly direct sellers who earn six-figure incomes (and more!). However, that is not the norm, and holding all direct sellers to that standard does not create an accurate picture of “success.”

Focusing solely on the number of people who achieve a certain income, or on the length of time consultants remain in direct selling, is simply not an accurate way to measure success. Success must be analyzed on an individual level, based on personal goals.

Direct selling critics will often focus on the small percentage of direct sellers “at the top.” They make it sound like it’s impossible to achieve that level of success, when in reality, most people have no desire to devote the time and energy necessary to be a top performer. In fact, the direct selling model has many parallels to a traditional corporate business model. In a corporate model there are a few people at the top (president, CEO, Chairman of the Board) who drive the business and motivate those below them. A large number of directors and mid-level managers execute the business operations and are developing professionally and personally. In a few cases these individuals may one day rise to the senior executive level. Finally, there is an administrative level where one generally finds younger, less experienced people who are learning the business and, depending on their career goals, may continue to climb the corporate ladder or they may leave after a relatively short period of time to pursue other goals.

The salesforce structure in direct selling is actually very similar, but in reality, the potential for someone to reach the top is much higher. In a traditional business, there are a limited number of desks in the senior executive suite, but in direct selling, personal sales and the development of a productive downline will propel you to the top regardless of who else is already there.


Limited response from respondent response may not reveal the accurate picture as accurate data was not revealed by the respective respondents.

It is the process of Time consuming to go to door of customers and take their valuable time and convince about product.

Owing to no Advertisement customers do not trust any new-listening companies.

Respondent were not giving much to questions though we have honesty and sincerely tried to present the facts and figures but because of some non responses errors still might have cropped level because of no interest.

They feel it cheap to response any Direct Selling Agent because of No Trust.

As we know in the present scenario there is a cut-throat competition in the market. The only way to survive in the market is to attract the customers more and more and to provide the best services available in the market. As it is discussed in this project about all the factors that are responsible for a positive attitude of a consumer to move to a particular shopping mall or a particular department store. New competitors are entering in to the Indian market. And plus thing negative resposnse of average customers to Direct Selling Agent So consumer behavior and consumer’s reaction is an important factor along with satisfaction, which must be taken into consideration by every Direct Seller. Factors such as service, ambience, availability of demanded products, variety of product & services, latest trends and fashion are the main factors which directs a customer to choose a particular company for his/her shopping.

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