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Published on Sep 03, 2023


A seamless infrastructure for information access and data processing is the backbone for the successful development and deployment of the envisioned ubiquitous/mobile applications of the near future.

The development of such an infrastructure for handheld devices is a challenge. The mobile nature of such devices demands that the storage medium be robust and reliable.

Flash memory is a medium of choice in such devices, as opposed to Disks due to its attractive features such as fast I/0 speed, lower power consumption and smaller size. It's high cost per GB, however, limits the use of Flash memory for mass storage of data.

Techniques need to be devised for optimizing the space utilization without affecting the query performance to a great degree.

This report discusses the use of Compression for storage of data on Flash memory without affecting the query performance beyond a certain threshold. Design of compression strategies that take into account flash characteristics such as limited write cycles and inability to update in-place, are discussed.

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