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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The software LAB MANAGEMENT SYSTEM was developed to automate the lab details of this clinic. This includes information about all lab items, Doctors, patients and purchase of this clinic. This system gives a generalize, concise and accurate information regarding billing, purchase details. stock etc..

This system provides any type of enquiry such as patient details, stock, purchase details, purchase return details, billing.

From the earnings the exiting system is inefficient due to increase in the number of complex and inefficient calculations. The rates of confusion increased and speed of processing decreases. In short the present system could not meet up to the new increasing challenges.

The Lab Management System includes:-

a.Agency Register
b.Address Book
c.Appointment Billing
d.Purchase Register
e.Purchase Return
f.Stock Table
g.Clinical Details
h.Staff Register
i.Clinical Reports

This project is concerned with the development of software for LAB MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The objective of the project work is to develop effective software for maintaining the information relating to the lab details.This project is completely menu driven and user friendly. It gives details about various tests for patients and purchase section. In addition to that it has a provision for generating reports in different formats and hence reports are useful in strategic and tactic decision-making.

The ultimate aim of implementing this project is to automate the Lab Management System of the concern. Totally this project is towards inducing complete Billing through computer with maximum user-interaction and error-free information. This system is designed using Visual Basic as front-end and Ms-Access as Backbend in Windows 98 operating system.The developed software is easier and flexible to handle computerization of the system reduces time consumption and increases system's efficiency.

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