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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Read the log file generated by Apache web server and reach to some human readable information. There are so many thing that you can conclude from the log file. But this will include following features.

Basic Features

Provide Graphical User Interface and graphs of information

Get page ranks and top hit pages

Get increasing page popularity by timeline

Get list of web sites which on which the website is popular

Get list of keywords for which the host website is searched on search engine

Get statistics by year, month, week, daily

Get the type of resource downloaded eg. html file, image, audio, video

Get broken links requested by user

Desirable Features

Parsing and tabulation

The raw log file generated by Apache Web Server will be parsed and then stored into a proper processable format. Natively crafted parser will be used to parse the log and will be stored in sqlite format

Extracting desired data from tabulated data

Required data then extracted from sqlite format using sqlite interfacing APIs. User may allowed to customize at this level.

Request processing and and generation of statistical information

Extracted data will undergo statistical processing, grouping and clssifications etc. Processes will be designed according to the features. User may allowed to customize at this level.


Well processed data has to be represented in proper visual format. Charting and graphing can be used for this. For larger interval histogram will be drawn and bar charts for classification. Charting and plotting will be done using library metaplotlib. User may allowed to customize at this level

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