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Published on Sep 03, 2023


To Develop a CSRS System for a network ,which should study the hackers behaviour and store it in a DataBase. CSRS can play a key role in a defensive strategy. While there are many studies and sources for information, there is no single source that discusses the major strategic issues concrerning CSRS . The main attraction of a CSRS is not limited to what you can learn but how you can learn it. As a result, a CSRS fits into the defensive plan as a way of

• Studing blackhat activity.

• Developing a reasoned response to the threat,

• Testing and developing new responses and tactics to a given threat, and

• CSRS can also slow down another attack thus allowing time to develop a countermeasure.

CSRS help to develop a reasoned, proactive response to a threat. In addition, they facilitate the building of contingencies thus contributing to the need to know what you don't know in good project management practices. CSRS are no panacea. There are significant risks and exposures to the organization if objectives are not well defined, do not implement a CSRS just for its own sake.

The primary issues to be addressed fall into two categories: Administrative/Policy and Technical. The Administrative/Policy category covers legal, liability and misuse of data issues, while the Technical category relates to the choice of building or buying a CSRS placement of the CSRS and support issues. We have seen that the use of policy and procedures to manage these issues can go a long way to solve them. Some liability issues such as 'Uplink Liablility' can be managed by sound configuration of the technical environment.

When configuring a CSRS, there areas of data management to consider: Data Control, Data Capture and, Data Collection. Consideration must be given to both of these major categories before proceeding to implement a CSRS else; there is a significant risk of exposing the organization to both monetary and legal sanctions. Resolving these issues will build a better CSRS and help in ongoing management.


1.Data Control

2.Data Capture

3.Data Collection

4.Create CSRS GUI

5.CSRS Login

6.CSRS Reoporting(log info) modules

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