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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Modern computer networks make it possible to distribute documents quickly and economically. This is because of the decreasing cost of the equipment needed to copy, to print, to process the information. The widespread adoption of electronic distribution of copyrighted material is accompanied by illicit copying and illicit distribution. This is why people think about how to protect their work, how to prevent such illicit activities and how to trace the distribution of a document. Stegnography is art of hiding information using images without corrupting the images.

Stegnography is art of hiding information in ways that prevent the detection of hidden messages. Stegnography and Cryptography are cousins in the spycraft family. Cryptography scrambles a message so it cannot be understood. Stegnography hides the message so it cannot be seen


Operating System : Windows (32 bit)

Software : JAVA


Processor Name : Pentium-III

Processor Speed : 677 MHZ

Ram : 256 MB

Hard Disk Capacity : 20 GB

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