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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Pre-paid Recharging System aims to customize the existing pre-paid system offered by a pre-paid card Agent to the requirements of a Bank, say, ICICI and a Service provider, say, Airtel and integrate it in their existing enterprise system. The system will become the base system and foundation of complete wireless commerce framework. The primary audience is the bank and service providers. Ultimately, all members of the Project Team are the intended audience. The product must be a web-based and work as stand-alone product.

In practical, our project makes a customer not to venture outside anywhere from his sitting room for recharging the mobile, that is, from his seat itself, he can able to perform recharge applications through a single message.

This facility is what we are providing through our project. The product must be platform independent and it must use link to its home page. This software would satisfy the needs of the clients such, by its security aspects and necessary controls that are adopted by the Programmer and save the messages that has been sent over.


In the proposed system, the customers have to make a SMS for recharging the SIM card. The SMS contains the details of

• Mobile Number.

• Account Number.

• PIN Number.

• Amount for which the recharge is to be done.

After SMS has been sent to the dealer, he make contacts with the specified service provider and specified bank and finishes the job.

The Modules

• User Interface

• Mobile GUI.

• Agent Server GUI .

• Service Provider Server GUI .

• Transactional components .

• Agent Component

a) Registration.

b) Validity.

c) Transaction.

• Bank Component

a) Registration.

b) Validity.

c) Transaction.

• Service Provider Component

a) Registration.

b) Validity.

c) Transaction.

• Web Components

• Agent Admin Control Panel.

• Bank Admin Control Panel.

• Service Provider Admin Control Panel.


Operating System : Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0.

Mobile Technology : J2ME

Front End : Java (Swing)

Database Connectivity : JDBC

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