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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Secure Messenger is an Application, used to encrypt and decrypt the message. This encrypt and decrypt based on Q uasigroups Cryptographic Algorithm(QCA ). This messenger used to send encrypted message to Target user (end user or target mobile should have same version of Secure Messenger) or target mobile. This SMS Message is used to transform money between two peoples.

This SMS Message is encrypted on your mobile by using Java MIDLET. And Encrypted Message is passed on the network. Even though Network operator cannot detect or read the encrypted message

Transaction on mobile is used to transform money between two peoples. This two peoples must be registered in a Bank. And they should have mobile for transaction. This transaction starts with SMS. If USER1 wants to pay money to USER2. Both of them should have mobile phone. User1 simply types SMS to particularly bank with his 4 digit PIN, Amount and Account No. The request is processed by bank server and Amount is transferred to designation account. Confirmation SMS is sends to both USERS.

SMS Security Algorithm : Q uasigroups Cryptographic Algorithm(QCA)

In this application for sending encrypted SMS messages using cryptographic methods based on theory of quasigroups is proposed. The encryption algorithm is characterized by a secret key. The application is develop using programming language Java and the J2ME environment.

SMS Based Mobile Banking

SMS messages are sometimes used for the interchange of confidential data such as social security number, bank account number, password etc. A typing error in selecting a number when sending such a message can have severe consequences if the message is readable to any receiver. Most mobile operators encrypt all mobile communication data, including SMS messages but sometimes this is not the case, and even when encrypted, the data is readable for the operator. Among others these needs give rise for the need to develop additional encryption for SMS messages, so that only accredited parties are able to engage communication.

Our approach to this problem is to develop an application that can be used in mobile devices to encrypt messages that are about to be sent. Naturally de-cryption for encrypted messages is also provided. The encryption and decryptionare characterised by a secret key that all legal parties have to posses.

In addition to cryptographic strength, things to consider when developing this type of an application for mobile devices are limitations in memory and processing capacity. Quasigroups are well suited for encryption of this type of data. The cryptographic strength of quasigroup based encryption has been ex-amined .

Software Required

O/S : Windows 2000 Server

Application Server: Weblogic 6.1

Language : Java, Java Midlet and J2EE

Security : Q uasi groups Cryptographic Algorithm(QCA )

Data Base : Oracle-8

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