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Published on Sep 03, 2023


As people begin to have mobile computers, handy for whatever purposes sharing information between the computers will become a natural requirement. Currently such sharing is made difficult by the need for users to perform administrative tasks and set up static bi-directional links between their computers. However, if the wireless communications systems in the mobile computers support a broadcast mechanism, much more flexible and useful ways of sharing information can be imagined.

Proposed System

The proposed system is planned to have the following features. In the new system there should not be any administrative task get involved. Instead each node should accept to behave as router. In this approach we can reduce the overhead on one single point (administration server).

Advantages of Proposed System :

The advantages of this system are:

• No requirement of centralized administrative task.

• Time effective transfer of message.

In this fast growing world where every individual requires access to the information on the network and more over most of them equipped with latest technology the necessity will be arising often to form a private network and go ahead with the communication. This will be the case essentially in activities like a group of people forming with moving laptops to form a network in order to undergo some conference system.

If the organizations are going to have this system with them they can go ahead with the task of establishing the private moving objects network, and can go ahead with the communications of their intended interest as discussed above.

Hardware Requirements :


128 MB RAM

Pentium P4 Processor

Software Requirements :

Java1.4 or More

Java Swing - front end

Windows 98 or more

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