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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Communication has been one of the most important aspects of the growth of human society and culture. Telecommunications, the transmission of signals over a distance for a purpose of communication, is also very important. It provides business, money and market stability in the world. The telecom sector is one of the leading contributors to India's flourishing economy.

Telecommunication Sector Opportunities in India assures a transparent, safe, and secured ambiance for the telecom market. It include introduction of Internet telephony services, privatization of VSNL, and introduction of a number of international long distance services sector. The opportunities in the Indian telecom sector is increasing at a massive pace with the introduction of newer and innovative schemes in various sectors and at present the telecom sector in India is claimed to be one of the major contributors in India's flourishing economy.

TATA is a rapidly growing business group based in India with significant international operations. The TATA name is a unique asset representing leadership with trust. TATA Teleservices spearheads the Group's presence in the telecom sector. Incorporated in 1996, TATA Teleservices was the first to launch CDMA mobile services in India with the Andhra Pradesh circle. TATA Teleservices has established a robust and reliable 3G ready telecom infrastructure that ensures quality in its services.

Customer satisfaction in telecommunications will reflect the service delivery process as experienced by customers. The interaction between customers and the delivery system is effected via alternative contact points; each one of them will be investigated for its impact on the overall customer satisfaction. That is, the service delivery system can be decomposed into alternative customer contact points that shape customers' overall judgment about the organization. Each contact point may retain a relative independence concerning criteria of customer satisfaction such as personnel, speed, reliability, and pricing. Objectives of the Study

To study the Customer Evaluation of Tata Indicom Services at Kerala market.

• To find out the telecommunication users in the Kottayam market.

• To know the age and gender wise classification for usage of telecommunication facility.

• To find out which all services have been tried by the respondents so far

• To know the customer's opinion about the competitors of TATA Indicom

• To know the factors affecting the purchasing behavior of telecommunication customers.

• To find out the attributes that affects the buying behavior of the TATA indicom service

• To find the customer's attitude towards TATA Indicom services

• To find out the customer's opinion about the hand set which provide by TATA Indicom.

• To know the satisfaction level of recharge vouchers offered by the company.

• To find the reasons for cancellation of TATA Indicom connection.

Do the customer of TATA indicom services such as

• Price

• Coverage

• Sales promotion

• Offers

• Customer service

• Staff response

Advertisements have a significant role in customer decision.

Significance of the Study

Consumer feedback is providing the market reflections to the marketer. This enables them to gain awareness about their market performance and customer preference. The conducted study examined the customer satisfaction status on various service offerings by TATA Indicom and the major focus has given to draw the reasons behind cancellation of services. The results related to the said area are an eye opener to the marketer for identifying his gaps and fix it at the earliest.

The ruling factors of today's market is having a common axis named 'consumer', who is deciding the destiny of any firm in the market. Hence the study on related area is having significance to the selected telecom operator and since it is common to other operators in the

same and related field, the problems that had drawn through the survey may be a reference for other marketers also. The researcher had gained familiarity and practical exposure to the real market world through the conducted study. This can also be a secondary source for other people who plan or are conducting studies in the similar area.


• 100% of the respondents are having telecommunication facility

• Majority of the customers had tried BSNL 55(60.5%) service and Airtel 31(34%).

• According to the survey, the main elements of buying behavior of TATA Indicom telecommunication service are :

• 100% of the respondents are considering coverage

• 39(43%) respondents are looking for offers

• 35 (38.5%) of them looking for the company brand image

• 28 (31%) looking for customer service of the company

• 20 (22%) respondents are noticing sales promotion like advertisement.

• Majority (54%) of the respondents had tried TATA Indicom landline connection 39.6% of them had tried Mobile connection, only 27.5% of the respondents were tried internet facility.

• 46.2% of the respondents are not at all satisfied with the recharge coupons offered by TATA Indicom. 49 (53.9%) respondents are satisfied with the recharge coupons offered by the TATA Indicom.

• 55 (61%) are satisfied with the network coverage of the company,30 (33%) of them are dissatisfied with the coverage,

• 68(74%) are not at all satisfied with the offers.

• Most of the customers are not getting the vouchers nearby stores

• 45 or 50% of the customers are cancelled their landline connection ,41 (45.1%) of them are cancelled or migrate their connection from postpaid to prepaid service, 24 (26.4 %) of them are cancelled internet facility

• Reasons for cancellation

• 41 (45.1% ) of the respondents are having the problem of not getting the bill on time.

• 37 (40.7% ) of them are not having enough coverage in their residential area.

• 16 (17.6%) of them are not satisfied with customer service

• 62(69%) of the respondents are having hand set complaint.

• Responses towards the company

• 61 (67.1%) of the respondents are cancelled the services without giving any complaint to the company.

• 56 (61.6%) are continue the TATA Indicom's service after they are complained to the company

• 34(35.3%) of them feels like to cancel the service after giving the complaint to the company

• 33 (36.3% ) of them are discourage others to buy the TATA Indicom's service.

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