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Published on Sep 03, 2023


In the highly competitive marketplace today, the best of marketing strategies often don’t deliver due to underperforming distribution channels or sales force. Distributors/Stockists/Dealers are independent channel members having their own goals & objectives, and sales people must align their marketing effort with that of the firm’s. In this backdrop, Sales Managers face the challenge of making their teams and channels to perform effectively.

They have not only to supervise their teams, but provide leadership to each salesperson and each channel member to excel, and seek opportunities to exceed targets.

Just resorting to short term ‘fire fighting’ measures to get sales, without focusing on the core issues in channel and sales force management, is no longer a sustainable response. This programme has been designed to help Sales and Marketing Managers to acquire new skill sets, latest concepts and tools and reorient their attitudes to make their sales teams more productive and get enhanced performance from distribution channels.

Coca-Cola, the product that has given the world its best-known taste was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886. Coca-Cola Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce nearly 400 beverage brands. It sells beverage concentrates and syrups to bottling and canning operators, distributors, fountain retailers and fountain wholesalers. The Company’s beverage products comprises of bottled and canned soft drinks as well as concentrates, syrups and notready- to-drink powder products. In addition to this, it also produces and markets sports drinks, tea and coffee.

The Coca- Cola Company began building its global network in the 1920s. Now operating in more than 200 countries and producing nearly 400 brands, the Coca-Cola system has successfully applied a simple formula on a global scale: “Provide a moment of refreshment for a small amount of money- a billion times a day.” The Coca-Cola Company and its network of bottlers comprise the most sophisticated and pervasive production and distribution system in the world. More than anything, that system is dedicated to people working long and hard to sell the products manufactured by the Company. This unique worldwide system has made

The Coca-Cola Company the world’s premier soft-drink enterprise. From Boston to Beijing, from Montreal to Moscow, Coca-Cola, more than any other consumer product, has brought pleasure to thirsty consumers around the globe. For more than 115 years, Coca-Cola has created a special moment of pleasure for hundreds of millions of people every day.

Objectives of the Project

 The main objective of this project is “Mapping of the available marketing channels of HCCBPL” in Paanchvati region of Nasik
 To find the comfort level of the dealers with the current distribution system
 To find the lacunas in the current distribution system.
 To suggest remedial measures
 Study of soft drink market share by mapping in Paanchvati Nasik.

A Training Program of 60 days in any organization provides information to all students like…

i) Current organisation work-culture
ii) Industry practical knowledge.
iii) Gives Professional touch.
iv) Better awareness about market competition.
v) Get chance to face different types of customers and tackle with different situation.

The entire product range that the company has was taken into consideration for the study. This includes Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Thump Up, Sprite, Limca, Fanta and Kinley Soda in the carbonated section and Maaza and Minute Maid Pulpy Orange in the juices section.

Findings of the Study

From our study we found that,

There were total 130 outlets surveyed for checking the service provided by the distributor in the Panchvati region of Nasik.

 The sales for Coca-Cola products exceed the same for those of Pepsi products. However, the sale of coca-cola products is low as compared to its sale in the entire Nasik district which is approx. 78% (Source: Survey report by AC Nielsen)

 Majority of the retail outlets receive sufficient display facility & merchandise.

 42% of the outlets receive order as per required, whereas 40% of them do not receive orders as per required. There is a good potential scope of improvement by the distributor in the areas of uncovered outlets (18%) as well as those outlets which do not get the order as per requirement (40%).

 31% of them do not receive any schemes, and 30% receive the schemes occasionally. Only 21% of the retail outlets fetch Coca-cola the majority of the business. Hence, there is a tremendous scope for the company to progress in this area.

 The frequency of service for majority of the retail outlets is very good with covering 56 of 130 outlets. Majority of the retail outlets in the Panchvati area of Nasik (approx. 43%) are filled with Coca-Cola stock twice every week. However, the number of uncovered outlets is 23, which constitute 18% of the entire Panchvati region. This is quite a large number, which the distributor will have to take into account inorder to improve his business.

Approx 60% of the retailers are satisfied with the service provided by the distribution (Gaikhe Sales) in Panchvati area of Nasik.

 28% of the retailers feel that the quality of service provided by the pre-seller is average. Also, approx. 30% of the retailers are not satisfied by the service provided by the retailers.

Around 18% of the retail outlets form a part of either Pepsi monopoly or that are not served at all, from a part of the pre-sellers duty to convert them into coca-cola monopoly or shared outlet.

 But the overall efficiency of the distribution in the Panchvati region of coca-cola produts is hampered due to the fact that it has a sale of 68% as compared to its sale in the entire Nasik district which is approx. 78% (Source: Internal Source as well as survey report by AC Nielsen)

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