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Published on Sep 03, 2023


Plastics are polymers. What is a polymer? The simplest definition of a polymer is something made of many units. Think of a polymer as a chain. Each link of the chain is the "mer" or basic unit that is made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and/or silicon. To make the chain, many links or "mers" are hooked or polymerized together.

Polymerization can be demonstrated by linking strips of construction paper together to make paper garlands or hooking together hundreds of paper clips to form chains. Polymers have been with us since the beginning of time. Natural polymers include such things as tar and shellac, tortoise shell and horns, as well as tree saps that produce amber and latex. These polymers were processed with heat and pressure into useful articles like hair ornaments and jewelry.

Natural polymers began to be chemically modified during the 1800s to produce many materials. The most famous of these were vulcanized rubber, gun cotton, and celluloid. The first synthetic polymer produced was Bakelite in 1909 and was soon followed by the first semi- synthetic fiber, rayon, which was developed in 1911 Even with these developments, it was not until World War II that significant changes took place in the polymer industry. Prior to World War II, natural substances were generally available; therefore, synthetics that were being developed were not a necessity.

Once the world went to war, our natural sources of latex, wool, silk, and other materials were cut off, making the use of synthetics critical. During this time period, we saw the use of nylon, acrylic, neoprene, SBR, polyethylene, and many more polymers take the place of natural materials that were no longer available. Since then, the polymer industry has continued to grow and has evolved into one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and in the world.

The two major groups of polymers are thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastic and thermosetting nature is based on the heat response of polymers. The light transmittance of polymers includes the description of materials as being transparent, translucent, or opaque. Transparent polymers are those that you can see through, translucent are those that you cannot see through but allow light to pass through, and opaque polymers are those that you can neither see through nor allow light to pass through. Light penetration qualities are dependent on the degree of crystallization of the polymer and the presence of additives.

Objectives of the Study

1) To know the total polymer consumption of home appliances in Pune Region
2) How many injection moulding companies are using polymers for Home appliances in Pune Region?
3) What are the prices at which injection moulding companies are buying raw materials from other manufacturers?
4) To know the availability of substitutes and grade of polymers
5) To find out the awareness of the product in the market
6) To get the information regarding competitors marketing strategies
7) One of the essential aspect is to do the SWOT analysis

Scope of the Study

H.I.P.S is used readily in Home appliances as it s a styrene based product and is used because because it is highly glossy, attractive, easy handling and mainly u8sed for exterior parts which are attractive in nature Appl produces H.I.P.S as per the customer requirements. H.I.P.S is used in washing machine outer parts, televesion outer parts, mixer grinders and bottles etc.

H.I.P.S is used frequently because:

1) There is no problem in the availability.
2) Its trends do not vary.
3) It is cheaper then metal.
4) Properties are more or less same as of metals.
5) The weight is lesser then metals which helps in easy handling and adds attractiveness


The company should choose the best additive of the polymers to suit a specific application in order to get the best product.

The clubbing of grades should be in such a manner so that the discontinuation of production cycle should not take place which in return not only saves the money on production but also helps in saving time which in whole benefits in getting more business.

There should be proper planning of logistics solutions in coordination with the O.E.M.Sand vendors so that both the vendors and the company have good business relations and in return helps in proper delivery of the finished goods.

The company should increase sales in such areas where it is lacking in sales in other words company have to first take care of its marketing strategy that whether the company is meeting as per the demands of the customers or not because a customer accepts what he expects.

Trend analysis as company have to look over the trends prevailing in the market as time changes very frequently which has a direct impact on the customers as their needs, preferences also changes, trends used by the existing customers and the competitors should be analyzed in detail to increase sales.

The company should give chance to more and more project trainees to get the analysis of new customers and their requirements as per the market & help in knowing the competitors pricing as well as marketing strategies.

Frequent meetings should be done with each and every customer so that the things or doubts are get sorted out, this really helps the company to maintain a relationship in long run.

The main function of the company was to find out the consumption of polymers in appliances sector in pune region so as to find out the potential in the market. From the total polymer consumption chart mentioned earlier we come to the conclusion that H.I.P.S is used readily in appliances sector. Appl produces H.I.P.S as per the customer requirements and add different fillers to suit the customer basic requirement. H.I.P.S is used frequently in appliances because H.I.P.S is a styrene based product which helps in looking the products attractive and is mainly used for exterior parts of the appliances some of the major points are as under

Styrene based products are used by different companies because of the following reasons

Its highly glossy
Styrene properties adds attractiveness to appliances
It is highly environment congenial property
Handling of h.i.p.s is easy
It is mainly used for exterior parts like handles of refrigerators, outer television covers,
outer washing machine parts and many other different appliances

H.I.P.S is also used in huge quantity for appliances to meet the changing trends Some of the polymers used for interior parts like knobs, buttons, and pulleys helps in adding the toughness and attractiveness to the product, some of its Examples of polymers used are

o Nylon
o Polycarbonate
o P.B.T

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