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Published on Aug 21, 2023


To automate the advertisements on websites a robust ad server need to be developed. In this proposal we define and develop an ad server with the fallowing Goals and features

With the proposed Ad Dispenser Software you can serve text ads similar in style to the ads served by "Google Ads".

The proposed Ad Dispenser Software allows you to limit the users to view or modify permitted objects. The proposed ad server allows the users to only see and modify banners, campaigns, zones or sites that they have permission for.

And you can limit their permission to view only so they can view and run reports without being able to modify the settings.

The proposed Ad Dispenser Software allows you to have your search page display ads that match keywords. You can customize and have a searched URL variable name for each zone to allow you to better control your ads.

The proposed Ad Dispenser Software allows you to display effective ads (more click-through rate) more frequently. With our Automatic Effectiveness calculation, it will show banners that are effective in a campaign more often than other banners.

The proposed ad server is a fast advertising software utilizing server-side caching to meet the demands of busiest sites. If architecture demands one can configure our proposed ad software technology to store the images on a web server directory.

This allows your image banners served by the web server directly instead of the application server and still have an accurate count of the impressions and clicks.

One would serve unique ads to a client and limit the number of unique impressions or clicks for each client.

The proposed ad server is scalable to ensure reliable service

Software Requirements:


Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:


60 GB Hard Disk

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