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Published on Aug 21, 2023


A private, easy-to-use website where you can connect with your friends and family. Share photos, messages, documents and more.


Family Connections (commonly refered to as FCMS) is an content management system (cms). A CMS is an application that allows people to create and maintain a website without having to know HTML.

What makes FCMS different from other CMS applications is that FCMS was designed specifically for families. Now this doesn't mean you can't use it just like any other CMS, but it's main goal is to be an easy to use family website application.

We can do the following with family connection:

• Share photos on the Photo Gallery

• Communicate with friends and family on the Message Board

• Keep track of reunions, birthdays and anniversaries on the Calendar

• Store addresses and phone numbers in the Address Book

• Create a blog with the Family News section

Share your favorite side dishes, desserts and more on the Recipes section

Software Requirements:


Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:


60 GB Hard Disk

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