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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Develop an Intranet Application for ABC Technologies Ltd. for maintaining information related to its employees transfer and generating the transfer related documents.

This application would be facilitating the system administrator (Higher Management) to search the employees transfer record, make new transfers and also amend the allowances offered to the employee which usually depends on the post of the employee and the type of transfer he is getting.

Develop an Intranet Employee Transfer Application, which will cover the following functionalities:

1) Login a) Employees b) System Administrator

2) Interface for filling up the following information

a) Searching the transfer records.

b) Updating the transfer records.

c) Making new transfers.(this can be combined with the update page by enabling and disabling the update and make transfer buttons.)

3) Interface to generate the transfer related documents in Doc format.

4) Automatic mail notifications to the employees who got transferred and to the managers who would be receiving the transferred employees.

5) Logout

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