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Published on Sep 16, 2019


Analysis of high resolution satellite images has been an important research topic for urban analysis. One of the important features of urban areas in urban analysis is the automatic road network extraction.

Two approaches for road extraction based on Level Set and Mean Shift methods are proposed.

From an original image it is difficult and computationally expensive to extract roads due to presences of other road-like features with straight edges.

The image is preprocessed to improve the tolerance by reducing the noise (the buildings, parking lots, vegetation regions and other open spaces) and roads are first extracted as elongated regions, non-linear noise segments are removed using a median filter (based on the fact that road networks constitute large number of small linear structures). Then road extraction is performed using Level Set and Mean Shift method.

Finally the accuracy for the road extracted images is evaluated based on quality measures. The 1m resolution IKONOS data has been used for the experiment




Simulation: ModelSim XE III 6.4b.

Synthesis: XiLinx ISE 10.1.

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