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Micro Credit Banking On Smartphone

Published on Sep 03, 2023


To provide a banking application on Smartphone for the mobile employees of microcredit bank with the facility to have data synchronized between the Smartphone and the bank’s database.

Functional Requirements

• It should be possible to open accounts for a customer (who has not defaulted earlier and who has recommendation from the community) / close accounts.

• It should be possible to enter the loan given to a customer and the period of the loan.

• It should be able to calculate interest.

• It should be able to enter repayment made by the customer (in installments or in full).

• It should give notification when a loan has not been returned within the loan period. The credit worthiness of the customer should be updated as ‘defaulter’.

• It should give reports of the loans given with details of the customer name, loan amount, outstanding amount, loan payment date and loan repayment date.

• Employees should be able to log in with username and password.

• The employee will be able to download details of only his/ her customers.

• There should be a desktop application where all the above operations can be done.

• The desktop application will have other facilities like entering the interest rate.

• It should be possible to synch between the desktop database and the Smartphone’s database in both directions.

Non-functional requirements

• Better component design to get better performance at peak time.

• Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension.
• 24 X 7 availability.

• Only the details of particular customer should be accessed

• Make provision of admin to update the database after each transaction of customer.

• Measures that need immediate action

User interface priorities

• Professional look and feel

• Use of AJAX at least with all registration forms

• Browser testing and support for GPRS.


• Banking report.

• Report on currency and finance.

• Database containing all customer transactions.

• Creation of banking manuals.

Other important issues

• Network connectivity.

Enabling services at all point of time as per the customer.


• Android SDK 1.6

• Grails

• Ajax

• Web


• ADT 0.9.5

• JDK 6

• Eclipse

• Java

• Android security


• GPRS SIM based security

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