Manual EPROM Programmer cum Verifier

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Manual EPROM Programmer cum Verifier

Postby Anup V » Sat May 28, 2011 12:27 am

The project named "MANUAL EPROM PROGRAMMER CUM VERIFIER is a useful device to program a Erasable programmable memory (which is previously erased). The data is entered to the EPROM Via 8 switches which is provided with a pulse as clock for address selection using CD4040. The importance is that we can implement this type of project in homes, offices with minimal installation for providing a aid to program - micro controller Ics. This circuit uses E-prom Ics 2764, IC555, CD4040 (12 bit binary counter). Programming is in hexadecimal form. The E-prom IC2764 is erasable programmable IC of 8KB memory capacity.
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