Market Analysis and Sales Development

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Market Analysis and Sales Development

Postby Anup V » Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:18 pm

The dairy industries companies run mainly on the factors such as availability, service frequency, affordability, taste and marketing. Availability is plays a vital role because purchasing power is depend upon availability of that product, in case distributors and retailers service matter a lot. Retailing includes all the activity in selling goods or service directly to the customers or personal nonbusiness use .A retailer or retail store is any business enterprises whose sales volume comes primarily from retailing. Retailers are the part of milk marketing channels and perform the work of moving goods from producers to the customers. It overcomes the time, place and possession gap that separates goods and service from those who needs or wants them.

Retailers as member of marketing channel perform a number of key functions. Some functions (physical, title, promotion) constitute a forward flow of activity from the company to the customers; other functions (ordering and payment) constitute a backward flow from customers to the company. Still others (information, negotiation, finance and risk taking) in both directions. The project delves into the workings from the distribution aspect of an FMCG organization, in detail. AMUL, being an FMCG company, attaches a lot of significance to the distribution aspect of its business.

The distribution channel of AMUL holds a lot of potential in affecting the demand or sales of AMUL products through delivery on time, delivery of variety of products, the retailerfriendliness of the policies being set by the distributors and equitable distribution of products to all the retail outlets in a particular region, to name a few. So, In order to plan retail coverage we map out the positions of Amul outlets, Amul parlors, and competitor’s outlets.

This project was carried out in Pune city. For analyzing and presenting information that is tied to geographical location, we divided the city in different wards. By analyzing geographical representation and sales data with spatial distribution Amul outlets, competitor’s outlets and the density of others in an area, we identify unexplored area and plan location outlets to increase its market penetration. Using such research we can ascertain the quality and depth of retail penetration in specific area.

Objective of the Study

The Primary objective of study was to find size of retail network of Amul Taaza and Amul Gold in specific areas of Pune city. In the study my intention was go through the retail network of Amul dairy milk to know retailers view about supply chain of Amul dairy milk, to know the complaints of Amul dairy milk and to find the suggestions from retailers for more penetration of Amul dairy milk in Pune region.

The secondary objective was to find customer response towards Amul milk. My aim was to go through the customers to know the interest of purchasing & using Amul milk. Basically the study was for the demand of Amul milk among the customers. And also to know the complaints on Amul milk.

Research type was descriptive. The research was done through retailers. I have collected the primary data through questionnaire which was filled by retailers, customers. Questions were both open and close ended. The secondary data was collected from website Sampling done is nonprobability sampling. The type of sampling method was Judgment sampling

In Pune region there are around more players in of liquid milk exist. Those are like Chitale, Katraj, Krishnai, Mahanand, Amul, Warna, and many other local brands. As per the findings CHITALE is the Market leader and having more market share. Awareness of Amul dairy milk among the retailers as well as consumers is average but acceptance is low. The sale is totally depends on the retailers.

The study carried out in Pune city so its scope is mainly limited to Pune city.

 It gives information about the size of the retail network.
 It gives information about the services given by distributor to their retailer.
 It gives information about the competitors’ products.
 It will serve consumer in better manner.
 It provides suggestions to the company to improve their products sales.
 It gives information about the sales promotion activities to improve the milk sale
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