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Service Blueprint

Postby Anup V » Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:20 pm

A service blueprint is a picture or map that accurately portrays the service system so that the different people involved in providing it can understand and deal with it objectively regardless of their roles or their individual points of view . On 16 th January 2008, the share market in India witnessed a dramatic fall, which a leading national daily termed as “blood on Dalal Street”. According to the customers which were contacted, the next day many of their friends trading with other broking houses simply could not trade as their terminals were closed on that day; but these customers were able to save themselves as IL&FS did not close its terminals. Clearly, such incident create not only positive image of the company but also form an emotional bond with the customers.

The blueprint will have 5 components:

• Physical Evidence

• Customer Actions

• Onstage/ Visible Contact Employee Actions

• Backstage Employee Actions and

• Support Processes

Physical evidence refers to those elements of a service which provide certain degree of tangibility to it like pamphlets, websites etc. customer actions include all of the steps that customers take as part of the service delivery process. The actions of frontline contact actions that occur as part of face-to-face encounter as termed as onstage contact employee actions. This component of the blueprint is separated from the customers by the line of visibility. Everything below the line of visibility is not visible to the customers. Backstage contact employees fall below this line. Backstage contact employees fall below this line. Telephone calls made to the customers is one example of the backstage contact employee action. Service blueprints provide the employees with an overview so that they can have understanding of their work. It reinforces the customer focused approach. The line of interaction between external customer and employees illuminates the customer's role. The line of visibility drawn promotes a conscious decision on what customers should see and which employees will be in contact with the customers, thus facilitating relational service design

Objective to the Study

The major objectives of the project can be stated as follows:

• To analyze the existing service blueprint of IL&FS Investsmart Securities Limited.

• To assess the service encounters with the customers.

• To find out the service encounters which are most satisfying for the customers and which are most dissatisfying for the customers.

• To find out the customer gaps in the process

• To suggest strategies for the improvement of the service delivery process of the company and as such delete those service encounters which cause dissatisfaction and encourage those encounters which satisfy the customers most.
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