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In this system, there are facilities for inserting the various details of applicants. The registration will be complete only after the administrator of the system will accept the registration form.

In addition to this, there are facilities for viewing the details of an applicant in various manners.

There are special features for searching the applicants based on the date of registration, qualification, and age and community merit etc. Again, the entered details of an applicant can be update. However, this can be doing only with the permission of the administrator of the system.


The remote window manger is a desktop capturing tool. This project is mainly used a platform independent protocol. RWM is used as the capturing function in operating systems. This project is mainly designed with .net and C# in windows based Operating system and QT designer and Java applets is used in Linux based systems. The main modules covered in this project are

Windows to Windows capturing

Windows to Linux capturing

Linux to Windows capturing

Linux to Linux capturing

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