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The project entitled "Bug tracking system" is an online bug tracking tool initiated with the objective to setup a user-friendly Online bug tracking system. It can be used both for bug tracking and for project management. In this system the project manager can have full details of the work assigned to each team member.

Moreover when a new work comes he can assign the work to different persons by having a view at the programmer with minimum work. This software assists to track the work flow of the work given to each team member by a project leader.

This software assists the project managers , the team members and equally the top officials of a software company to know how the work is progressing. Project usually comes to the company in the form of bugs.

Usually, when certain enhancements of a product is being done i.e. when. certain version updates a product is being done, work is assigned to different programmers in the form of Bugs.

This software is mainly focused on the work coming in the form of Bugs. The project manager can fully understand what the status of each bug is ;whether it is fixed, assigned, or wontfix.

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