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DATA CENTRALIZATION OVER NETWORKS (data-CON) aims the centralization of data in different platforms.The data, which are based in different platforms, can be centralized in an unique server.

The main peculiarity of the Data-CON is that the clients can use different platforms and databases. Data-CON can be used to synchronize datas in different databases such as SQL. ORACLE, MYSQL, ACCESS, etc. It can be used as a back up tool.Data-CON aims to develop client and server tools to centralize over various networks.

Data-CONS can be used to centralize dates in both Internet and intranet, and it can be used to synchronize data between different network points.Data-CON supports the communication between the clients in different platforms. It is also having some chat application. It allows both online and off-line communication.

Data-CON can be used as a backup tool for taking file backup from network, Internet and local machine. Exiles, which are created in monitored folders, are copied over the network to the central folder, which can be used as backup .folder or central storage.

The various modules included in "Data-Con" is

1. Database Synchronizer
2. File Synchronizer
3. Communicator
4. Mailer
5. Administration

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