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Computerization is the major walk of industrialization. This enhances the quality, and overall performance of an organization.In a software development firm, there are several activities related to project management which includes creating a team, assigning the task to team member, scheduling the duration of the tasks, etc. Every project has to follow a software development life cycle. Any SDK paradigm mu

st include at least system study, design, coding, testing as its phases. Testing is a major that must never be discarded. It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department to do the testing. Testing itself is not a small phase.It is a without which software cannot be released.

The Quality Assurance Department does the quality assessment process by generating test cases against a product and the Project team members plan the release of the product.

During this the Testing team has various tests against test cases according to the release plan .They have to post bugs if found during testing. These bugs have to be informed to the development team. Development team will correct the bugs and will notify the testing team of the new build. It consumes enormous amount of productive man hours.

In this, PRODUCT TESTER deals with identifying the number of open and closed bugs and it is posted and corresponding report is generated as output.

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