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This is a 2-D Graphics Editor . The editor is basically a menu driven and the interaction to the editor is through mouse , where mouse programming is used in the source code .It has been developed using the concepts of registers and interrupts facility provided by C. The source code is basically written in C.

About Registers

Basically, there are different kinds of registers in the system. Here we use the concept of byte registers and word registers, which are used to store information .The values stored in these registers are accessed by the int86 function.

Basically , it is an software interrupt . The values are stored in the inregs registers before the interrupt . And the values , that are formed after occurring of interrupt are stored in outregs.

Working Of Interrupt :-

There are two stages in which the software interrupt works. The stages being:

Before Occuring Of Interrupt :-

Before occurring of interrupt , all the valus are stored in inregs which store information in the form of either bytes or words.

After Occuring Of Interrrupt :-

After occurring of the interrupt , all the current values are stored in outregs. In case, if any errors occur, the flags in the registers are set , and the dos error code is set to source code.

The interrupt returns the values stored in AX register after the completion of the software interrupt. Using the above features of registers and interrupts , the graphics editor package has been developed .

Features of Graphics Editor

The file options provided are :

1. Save

This file option provides the facility to save all the working done on this editor . When the save is called ,
An interrupt occurs and all the values are stored into the registers.

2. Open

This file option provides the facility to open the existing file of the known format. If file not found , it gives an error message telling that file is not found.

3. New

This file option provides the facility to create a new image file . When this option is called , an interrupt occurs and all the values are stored into the registers and a new file is opened.

4. Close

This file option provides the facility to exit the editor. All the values are stored in the registers.

The facilities provided are :

1 . Free hand drawing
2. Line drawing
3. Ellipse drawing
4. Circle drawing
5. Rectangle drawing
6. Text
7. Erase
8. Translation
9. Rotation
10. Scaling

All these facilities require the presence of mouse driver.

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