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The project entitled “Medical Reference System” is designed to allow health care providers who are in constant need of current authoritative medical information to help them take better care of their patients and live a healthier life. The project has four main modules as follows:

Registration module

Search module

Other Services module

Administration module


,This project provides excellent administration , and project services that can be fine turned and adapted to the specific needs of any organization. Designed and built using proven tools and technologies, this project is highly scalable in terms of functionality and performance.

It can also be configured to support any number of users. Any number of functions that enhance the user experience or increase usefulness can quickly added to this project. Some very good enhancements along with their relevant beneficiaries are given below :

This project is designed to track and manage the project only up to the delivery of the project , provisions for maintenance problems can also be included in this project.

A bulletin board will enhance better employee interaction. Use of credit cards also improves the efficiency of the system. Video Streaming is yet another future enhancement.

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