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The MTK-85 is a low-cost single board computer designed for self-learning the 8085 Microprocessor. The kit enables studying from low level programming with direct machine code entering to high level programming with PC tools easily.

A nice feature, single-step running, helps students learn the operation of microprocessor instructions quickly and clearly. The user registers provide simple means to verify the code execution. Using a PC as the terminal, the MTK-85 can receive the Intel hex file and disassemble the machine code into 8085 instructions.


The MCS51 architecture consists, of the following features:

o Eight-bit CPU with registers A(accumulator and B

o Sixteen-bit program counter(PC) and data pointer(DPTR)

o Eight-bit program status word(PSW)

o Eight-bit stack pointer(SP)

o Internal ROM(8051) or EPROM(8751) or EEPROM(8951)

o Internal RAM of 128 bytes:

0 Four register banks each containing eight registers

0 Sixteen bytes, which may be addressed at the bit level

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