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The System Payroll & Accounting is designed and developed to automate the Pay Calculation of a Govt. Sectors in a centralized manner. The System is developed in such a way that it can be a placeholder in salary calculation in any of the Govt.

Establishment All the details relevant to Service book were tracked and recorded from the employees joining time to retirement. The System database also accumulates the details regarding the recoveries and Deductions. Leave details forms yet another feature of database.

Though the current System concentrates on Police Department. The System can inherit the properties of other Departments also. The System follows the pay Commission report recommendations placed before Govt. on 01-03-1917.

The System will inherently adapt to further Pay Revisions.

Modules Covered:

1.Office Creation

2.Deductions &, Recoveries


4.Calculation of Arrears


6.Salary Slip Generation (FORM TR. 51)

7.Service Book Maintenance

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