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Television has become a necessity more than a luxury. Watching TV has become a hobby and amusement. But it some times happens that two of our favourite programs may coincide with their timings. It is also not possible to record another channel in our VCP/R while watching one in our TV.

The project PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK SYSTEMS (PENS) briefed here provides a solution to this problem and also provides some special features. Using this device we can record a channel while watching another one.

We can also set the device to enable the recording of a particular channel on a particular time in advance. This feature makes us record our favorites program even when out of station. And the most exciting feature of this device is that we can also perform all these functions through a telephone.

The PENS is connected between the TV and the VCP/R and also to the telephone line thus forming a network of personal systems. Thus comes the name PENS. The keypad provided in the product helps us to type the code for settings same as that using an ordinary telephone that will be in accordance with the conventional DOT standards.

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