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The aim of the project is to develop a website to make bidding on software auctions more convenient and less time-consuming for users. It is developed using ASP and SQL, server.Bidding is the process of buying and selling the products through bargaining.

There are two types of bidding. They are low cost bidding and high cost bidding. In low cost bidding, seller fixing an amount for a product. The buyer is proposing. So after the bargaining. the seller will be disposing of the product for a feasible amount.

In this case, a minimum profit is guaranteed for the seller. High cost bidding intended for upper class people. In high cost bidding. Auctioneer fixes certain amount for the product. Those who want to purchase will be offering high amount..

The highest bidder will be get the product. Auctioneer can fix the bid rate. (eg:Suppose the auctioneer can decide at least Rs.l000 more than the amount fixed for the auction of Rs.1,00,000).ln high cost bidding very rare commodities are also placed for bidding. Through Internet high cost bidding has so many advantages. So we can buy so many rare products through Internet.

In this online software bidding tool is designed to use as more friendliness in three way user guided manual system.




Admin is a full privilege authorized user, who can keep track over all activities of seller and buyer, including all over site administration of online bidding. Auction is the process of selling the software online through the process of bidding.

The Auctioneer can add software details to sell the software and the Bidder can view the software details and bid an amount to it. [n case of any need, the Users can send mails to the administrator or between themselves.

An option is provided to send feedback to the administrator. A registration is required for all users. All Auctioneers and Buyers have to pay a certain amount as registration fees. For registration username and passwords are to be given.

After the registration the seller is adding the details. So as the features of the software, pictorial representation, warranty, and minimum amount which is the Auctioneer expects etc..

A buyer can bid the amount of the software product that he intends to buy. Before closing hid date, the bidders can bid their own amount. The highest bidder can bought the product. If one person happen to register, the product will be bought for the amount he has paged. The auctioneer has all the responsibilities in sending the products to bidder through courier service. The Auctioneer through the credit card system will receive the money.

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