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A reevaluation of the role played by timber is valid from a global environmental perspective. Maintained forests grown by reproductive and sustainable methods through appropriate forest management help to prevent global warming by fixing or sequestering atmosphere carbon in the period of tree growth and continuing to store it after the conversion of timber to lumber.

In additions timber material consumes comparatively less energy than steel and concrete materials at the time of manufacturing, processing and dismantling.

Realizing the importance of timber in construction the Japanese people have came forward with a new system of construction, that is j.Pod units which uses timber as the major building material


,According to the International Energy Agency, comprising of 22 countries on average, one third of operating energy usage in the developed world goes for heating,. Cooling, lighting and the operation of appliances in non-industrial buildings such as homes, hospital offices and schools. These estimates do not take into account the amount of embodied energy in building products and its impact on the environment.

Operating energy efficiency in residential and commercial building is greatly enhanced in highly insulated and air tight building envelope systems, Increased insulation on foundations, walls, and attics and insulated doors and windows reduces the operating energy is buildings. However the need for insulating products contributes to higher embodied effects.

Tokyo national Conference Boar Wood is a good and natural insulator. Due to its cellular structure, wood traps air resulting in low conductivity and good insulating properties. Steel conducts heat 400 times faster than wood. High conductivity causes thermal bridging leading to increased energy use for heating and cooling. So there is a need for additional insulations.

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