GSM Path finding System



This system is used to find the path and measure the distance of the place. Which is time reduce system and real time based you can catch the bus through SMS Communication.


This system is divided into three modules,
1) GSM- Fbus protocols,
2) Path mapping
3) Control and Display unit

User will send all detail of our path mapping to all customers, Like current place name, and Where you want to go? This system will detect and auto reply to distance of the place, bus number and angle of the place also from the data base and reply via Fbus GSM protocol through Microcontroller. This communication will under the Fbus protocol using SMS protocols. The all details will pre-store in I2C EEPROM in I2C protocols using Real time It will store current mobile number ( who send) and do auto SMS delete. All information will read from the DB from PC and reply to perfect mobile number.

1. GSM- Fbus protocols

To write SMS program in Embedded C, The function is Read, Write and Delete

2. Path mapping

It will do from DB in the PC like C to DB communication.

3. Control and Display unit

Input and Out put data:

LCD Display:
1) GSM Path Finding System
2) Sending message
3) Receiving Message
4) Wait for Message
5) Successfully Send
6) Received
7) Enter Source Place Name
8) Enter Destination Place Name
9) Distance
10) Angle
11) Bus Number
12) Time




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