Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System



In this Prevention system is to avoid the accident automatically RF Communication is used for Main and Sub Transmission data transmission.


This project has 2 modules. One is RF and Control Unit by both Main and sub main Unit. The second module Auto tracking by display and Control Unit.

1) When we start the train which is from current Station that is called Main Train.
2) Which is coming from station i.e. Sub main Train.
3) When we start the train from station automatically will identify the submain1 or 2 or etc.
4) This auto identify is to give a buzzer alarm. By that time you have to reply to opposite train.
5) If the both train is not identify the train automatically will stop without driver.
6) When the train is coming in which track and the train name also will detect automatically
7) If we didn’t get any response from any train will automatically will stop the both train.
8) Here for anti collision tracking proximity sensor is utilized
9) Whenever the collision is monitored the train signal will alert in RED for both trains

Methodology of this Project:

1. RF Communication-433MHZ
2. LCD Display
3. IR Proximity Sensor


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