GSM Prepaid EB, Phone Bill System



This system automatically send SMS to customer for EB, Phone bill cost of each two Months using GSM and auto billing with SMS reply systems. The system will work as a Auto billing for all.

1) PC interface system:

This is divided into two different modules,
a) Serial Communication
b) Data Base
c) SMS using Fbus cable

2) PC:

This is divided into three modules,
a) RS232 communication,
b) Display module
c) Data Base Storage System

3) GSM

This system is used to read and control the data from all four machines. Then for each day all data’s are sending into PC via RF communication. The PC will receive all data and display on the screen and stored in DB using C. At the same time the controller will send the data (Status) into owner mobile via GSM communication.


Pay to SMS :
The control set into SMS via mobile using GSM to microcontroller.
1) Name
2) Total Cost for two months EB bill
3) Bank Name
4) A/c Number

Auto Send Systems:

1) Customer Name
2) Customer Address
3) Last Billing Date
4) Due Date of Billing
5) Total Cost for two months EB bill
6) Paid
7) Fine Amount

Software Requirements:

1) Embedded C : CCS
2) C
3) Windows

Hardware Requirements:

1) PIC16F877
2) Max232
3) PC

Advantage of these Systems:

1) Automation of all CUSTOMER to communicate through remote GSM using mobile
2) Save data using automatic control systems
3) Less cost to communicate
4) Less power to automate
5) Increase productivity
6) To increase n number of customer to communicate and automate.
7) Easy and fast billing system

Feature of these system:

1) To automate all customer to communicate through mobile via SMS Communication. To modify this system into Mobile Banking GSM technologies.


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