Salt Water into Pure Water


Nowadays, water is becoming a big problem allover the world. The demand for the drinking water is keeps on increasing. This is a project to convert the salt water into drinking water. By using this type of project, we can reduce the demand for the drinking water. In future by improving this project, we can convert the seawater into drinking water.

The principle we are using in our project is that the salt water which is heated above its boiling point will converted in to steam and the salt content in the water will be deposited in the bottom of the container. The evaporated water is connected in another container through the steam valve and the water out valve removes the wastewater.

In the second container, the steam will travel in the valve, which is cooled by a cooler. Thus the water vapor from the valve gets cool and again converts into water. This water vapor converted into water does not contain the salt content and it can use also for drinking. This the nature friendly project that can be used in every house to convert the salt water into pure water





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