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Published on Sep 03, 2023


The purpose of the pro ject is to present the requirement of the Computerization of Telephone Billing System. The project thus calculates the t elephone bills automatically. It does almost every work which is related to automatic telephone billing connection system via- new connection , customer record modific ation, viewing custo mer records & all works related to rate of bills, meter readings in addition to bill calculation and bill generation.

Telephone Billing System is developed as per seeing the increasing requirement to speed up t he work and incorporate a new work culture. Thus a new software has been proposed to reduce manual work, improving work efficiency, saving time and to provide greater flexibility and user-friendliness as the system previously followed was totally manual one w ith lots of errors.


The main objective while implement ing the project Telephone Billing System were to minimize the work and at the same time increase the speed of the work done. This new system is built with the following objective:

1) Information retrieval will beco me easy.

2) Maintenance of database as we ll as overall project will become easy.

3) Security measure will be adopted, by maintaining the login of username and the password.

4) Data redundancy will be great ly reduced because t his new system is buil t using V isual Basic 6.0 as front-end. It entails looking into duplication of efforts , bottlenecks and inefficient existing procedures

System analysis is the performance management and documentation of activities related to the four life cycle phases of any software namely:

‡ The Study Phase

‡ The Design Phase

‡ The Development Phase

‡ The Operators Phase System analysis is a vast field of study through which system analyst puts his thoughts and searches for the solution of problem. He has to get a clear idea of what he has in hand and what he has to prod uce. He has to extract the essence o f expectations.

He has to satisfy the user in the very possible way. System analysis needs and should include the following steps o f study: š Study of current methods, the basic inputs available a nd output desired.

The splitting of a variable inputs into (.dbf) files so as to reduce redundancy and increase consistency.

Give the idea of key field (if any) .

Ideas regarding code generation. Software Analysis starts with a preliminary analysis and later switches on to a detailed one. During the preliminary analysis the Analyst takes a quick look at what is needed and whether the cost benefits.

Detailed analysis studies in depth all the cornered factors, which builds and strengthens the software. A system study is a step-by-step process used to identify and then developed the software needed to control the processing of specific applicat ion. System study is also known as SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

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